Alexandra (xxxalexxxx) wrote in casual__luxury,

My Application

Name: Lally
Age: 15
Sexual orientation: You mean do I like boys or girls? I like boys
Location: England-Shitty cause theres no A&F here
School (public? private? boarding? college?): Crappy state school. But at least its the best state school around here
Who makes the best polos: (and why):Ralph Lauren, just because

..: please pick atleast 1 of the six below :..
Hobbies/Interests: Dance, Drama, seeing friends, watching movies
Random fact about yourself: I eat icecream from the tub :D
Sports you like/do: Dance and self defence
Best thing you've ever done: Hmm, I dont actually remember. Probably shopping
Worst thing you've ever done: Well at school theres this girl I dont like and I made her laxative chocolates, and i've thrown a drink on her, and I just like irritating her. And its cute cause the guy shes like madly in love with prefers me!
What makes you preppy: Im not saying im preppy, cause Im not, but I love A&F and ON clothes and preppy style
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